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I linked up a Day in the Life from January 2014 for Show and Tell Tuesday at Momfessionals, musing that life had not changed much since then other than Baxter no longer being with us. But after thinking about it, life is different for Team Skelley in 2016. We are almost to the end of Big Kid's elementary school career and instead of just beginning hers -- as she was in the last Day in the Life -- Little is finishing up her third year in grade school. She also is doing new things, switching from soccer to softball, giving up dance and learning the keyboard.

So I picked yesterday to document. I like doing these every once in awhile so one day we can look back at this snapshot of our lives right now.

6:30: Let's do this.

I roll out of bed in the guest room not because we have permanently taken to different bedrooms but simply because the pollen is out of control and my husband is an Olympic-caliber snorer. Also, I am an incredibly light sleeper which was a good quality when the kids were little, but not conducive to  a good night sleep sometimes. The Engineer has a CPAP but cannot wear it while his head is stuffed up. I had escaped any allergy suffering until Tuesday morning when I woke up feeling like something was squeezing the top of my head. Even the dog's eyes are watering.

I jump in the shower while M. feeds the kids and dog. Then he is off to work and I pack their lunch and we take off on our walk to school with the neighborhood crew.

On the way back, the other parents and I discuss this article that my neighbor posted on Facebook: Raising Awareness about Electric Shock Drowning. A child just died from this close by last weekend. My neighbor and I are from the same hometown and she owns a lake home back there. Very scary and something we all need to be aware of when swimming around docks.

When I get back, I take out the recycling, clean up the house and finish getting ready for work. The first difference from the last Day in the Life: I no longer make the kids' beds on weekdays. I still make ours because come on, we aren't animals. I head back to my happy place for a second cup of fuel.

After checking my social media/blog list/personal email, I scramble up some eggs with salsa before starting my day. Yum.

It is a beautiful morning so I start my work day on the patio, with my faithful assistant. I need to knock out my todo list before my interview. Two red birds are frolicking in the yard but they fly away before I can snap a photo. I love working from home.

Sometimes in these Day in the Life posts, I have noticed that bloggers like to post about their Supermom days -- the days in which everything is firing on all cylinders. Not me. I promised myself I would be honest in this post so I will say that soon after I took this, he moseys out in the yard and proceeds to eat poop. At that point, I run inside to grab the tabasco sauce to pour on it -- a tip from our vet. He stalks off.

After that debacle, I head to the Auto Skills Center on post to interview their new manager, who is a lady (very cool). Her name is Kate Kelly. Yes, Katie Skelley is interviewing Kate Kelly. Even our middle initials are the same. We got a kick out of that. Keeping it real #2: I mixed up the day for this assignment. I am supposed to meet Kate tomorrow. I have not goofed up an interview date in more than three years but of course I do it the one time that I am documenting my day. Luckily she was understanding and we went ahead and knocked out the interview photo since our staff photographer has a conflict tomorrow.

Since I was on post, I stop by the Arts & Crafts Center to follow up on a request and then I head back home to write the rough draft to my story on National Prescription Take Back Day, which is April 30. Did you know that scientists have found that fish in Puget Sound are high on drugs? Don't flush your old drugs down the toilet friends, or our fish will start to resemble the three-eyed fish on the Simpsons.


Turkey pasta with veggie noodles. I know it sounds lame but it is seriously so good.

This is usually when I would knock out laundry but I am actually on top of it for once. The only thing on the laundry agenda is Big Kid's uniform for his baseball game tomorrow (which I then to forget to wash, keeping it real #3). I change into some workout clothes to do yard work before our mulch arrives this weekend. This year, the high school football team is selling mulch as a fundraiser. Our good friends and neighbors' (Rocky Hound's family) son plays football and we were happy to support him and the team - especially if I don't have to spread mulch. So I dig weeds and prep the beds, which includes trimming all of those little fronds at the base of my crepe myrtles. I hate these little buggers.

 I decide to make a quick run to the garden nursery. I look like this:

Because the temp is this:

What happened to spring? I think we skipped it.

A little reading and a Zone Bar snack and Fletch and I walk out to meet the kids, chit chat with my friend for a few minutes and give Rocky a head scratch. The kids usually do not have any activities on Wednesday night so they chillax while I finish working in the yard. My double knock out roses are looking good --

My tea roses are not. The rose bush in the back has become a tasty treat for some pesky aphids. I waited too long to treat them, which is what I picked up earlier at the garden center. I trim them back, treat them and say a little gardening prayer. At this point Big sweet talks me into playing catch in the yard, which we do until I overthrow the ball (doh) and it lands in the creek lining our neighborhood. Big wanted to fish it out but he is wearing flip flops and it is a pretty steep incline to the creek bed. Luckily, my neighbor saves the day and goes down after the ball. Thanks, Dave!

About that time, the Engineer pulls up from work. Now that he is back to hang with Little, Big and I hit the Y for some cardio. He tells me that I need to do arms tonight because my arms are flabby. Kids are always so unfailingly honest. On the way home, we pick up take out dinner which probably negates the workout that I just did. Since I have church choir on Wednesday evenings, it is usually our one fast food takeout night a week. We rotate around from Chick Fil A to Five Guys to Zaxbys. I try to eat a small portion so I don't totally undo all of my work at the gym. Big will hoover up the leftovers. #bottomless pit

Tonight: Wendy's

Chicken sandwich with fries and a strawberry lemonade. I stopped drinking soda more than a year ago, other than the occasional treat and I was surprised to find that I did not miss it. Most of the time. The Engineer sits out the Wendy's meal because he went out for lunch and is on a diet -- he has already lost 11 lbs. in two months! I am very proud and slightly jealous. Although this chicken sandwich was so good that he said that if he had known about it, he would have ordered one. I am usually one that slathers everything in sauce but it tasted so good that I ate it plain. That never happens.

Then somehow dinner became dinner and a show:

A couple of goofballs. Keeping it real #4523: We have a chalkboard on our kitchen pantry door where I keep the day's schedule and menu. Yup, completely forgot to do that today.

I head to church while The Engineer is on Dad duty. Our kids are older now so they can take care of their own bed and bath routine. But they still seem to need a teeth brushing and musical instrument practicing reminder. Big is in the middle of standardized testing this week so no homework for him and he heads over to his bestie's house while his sister works on her usual reading and math.

Time for Chancel Choir. Even though we are in the heart of suburbia, this little shortcut to our church always reminds me of my hometown in Tennessee.

My fellow choir mates would probably beat me with a stick if I tried to take their picture at practice, so I did not include one of them, although they are awesome and I love them all. We run through our songs for the next couple of months which includes the Armed Forces Medley for Memorial Day weekend. I love singing the Armed Forces Medley. #alto

I'm home! I roll out the garbage for pick up and head upstairs to lay out the kids' clothes, chill in the rec room with Mr. Skelley and catch up on our DVR. We don't have much stored but never fear, Game of Thrones starts this weekend. I have my face-hiding pillow ready.

And I am back downstairs to wash my face and eat a snack. I don't know about you but I cannot sleep hungry. And if I don't eat a healthy bedtime snack, I am usually up eating an unhealthy midnight snack. Cereal and blueberries are usually my goto evening snack but I know that you are probably tired of looking at my food so no picture. I say goodnight to the husband who usually conks out before me because I am a night owl. And I realize that I did not take his picture at all today, but it would be bad form and a little TMI to do it when he is in the bed.

I then try to repair all the damage to my manicure that I did in the yard today.

OPI Toodle-loo to Blues: I received it and two other shades free for making a donation to Doris Day Animal Foundation. Helping animals AND free nail polish? Win-win.

11-ish: Lights are out! It was a good day.

If you are over from Momfessionals, welcome! Thanks for peeking in a typical Team Skelley day in the Rocket City.

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