Five Friday Faves | Family Photos and Astronauts

I have done a lot of writing for the newspaper this week and that sucks up my creative juices so the blog has been silent. But I have been making notes in my phone of things to share for Friday Faves, so here they are -- a bit random, but when are they not?

1. Family photos!

Our photos from the very talented Andrew Gonzales arrived in my inbox today and I am thrilled with them. If you are in the Huntsville metro area, we highly recommend Andrew and his cheerful, positive attitude. He has shot both our family and my work boo Amy's family and did a wonderful job with both. Taking pictures of children is not easy, but our kids LOVED him.

2. Soundgarden


Being a child of the nineties, I grew up in the grunge era. Never a big fan, although I have always liked Soundgarden (in part because of a longstanding Chris Cornell crush). In grunge, many lead singers' voices left a lot to be desired but I have always thought that Cornell has an amazing voice. The Bestie and I actually saw him live in Nashville in 2000. I listen to a lot of Soundgarden on XM's Lithium station.

3. Sephora wipes

So what makes these different than run of the mill wipes? One side is smooth and the other side is textured, which gives you a quick and easy exfoliating. Love these wipes (and only $9!).

4. Date weekend

I am hesitant to say anything because knowing our luck, someone will catch a stomach virus or break an arm, but M. and I are actually having a weekend staycation. The kids will be with their Gramma, and right now we have nothing planned but dinner at several non-kid friendly restaurants and probably a lot of lying around like beached whales. Sometimes having nothing planned can be the best plan of all.

5. Astronauts

Astronaut Kjell Lindgen speaks about the five months he spent on the International Space Station in 2015.

If you follow Team Skelley on Instagram, you might have seen my astronaut photo yesterday. It doesn't happen as often as I wish, but I occasionally have the opportunity to go over to NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and write about some of the amazing work that they are doing. I always leave NASA feeling inspired.

So that is what has been cooking over at Team Skelley. Have a great weekend!


  1. Your family photos turned out great--so happy and natural looking. Enjoy your date weekend!

    1. Thank you! They are so photogenic. Me, not so much. O_o

  2. Love the photos - beautiful fam!


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