Friday Funnies | Southern Mom's at the Ballpark

My mom shared this on Facebook tonight and I laughed my butt off, after cringing a little because I have uttered a few of these southern fried bon mots myself  -- "Get out of the mud!" comes to mind.

Southern Mom is the creation of Anniston resident Darren Knight, who does a pitch perfect imitation of the quintessential redneck woman. He is wickedly funny and has curiously beautiful hair. I need to know his hair care routine.

The thing about southern accents is that honestly, we all don't sound like this. And for a lot of us, myself included, our accents come and go depending on our company and situation. If I am speaking in front of a group or in a meeting, I usually can tuck it away. But if I am back home, or among a rowdy crowd, or especially if I am mad, syllables seeeem toooo exteeeiiinnndddd juuussst aaaa beeeiiitt. I will admit to telling an interviewee the other day, "If y'all need anything over there, just give us a holler." So it does slip out from time to time.

I hope you guys find this as funny as I did. And then after you watch this, go watch the trailer for Star Wars Rogue One because holy crap, y'all! Holy crap.

Happy weekend!

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