#throwbackthursday: My first blog post

Sharing the very first blog post for #throwbackthursday was a great idea from a gal named Katie. Alas, I was not that particular Katie, however I am shamelessly swiping her idea and giving her all the credit. I sat down here this morning, looked at my blank screen and was all, "I got nothin'." So it was great fun to take a look back at my blogging beginning and where we were seven years ago. I think that this is especially poignant considering that Big was two months into kindergarten when I wrote that and he is currently two months away from leaving that elementary school and heading to middle school. How far we have come. 

So here it is, in all its grammatical glory. Thanks for the inspiration, Katie @ The Mishaps & Mayhem of a Solitary Life!

We have a lot of pictures of me and the kids, and M. and the kids but not that many of both with them since one of us is usually behind the camera. This was taken the first month in our new house and is one of my favorites.

From October 3, 2009:

So, I have finally given in. I have entered the world of blogging. 2009 has been a year of change for the Team Skelley clan, so why not embark on yet another challenge? Change will be my theme for the year. I am looking forward to having a new place to talk decorating, and I am sure my facebook friends will be relieved not to have to sift through endless house photos! The picture of my doorbell comes to mind...

We started the year with an employment offer. And in this economy, believe me, we realize how fortunate we are. But with that offer came an out of state move. Yes, it was only an hour and a half from our home, but did I mention that we have a 5-year-old and a one-year-old? Big Kid and Little Kid are their names and they keep us hopping. Could we move them away from their schools and friends and family? And the logistics...yikes. My husband of 7 years, known from here on as The Engineer, and I talked it over. We were happy in Tennessee. We were content. We had a large network of friends and family, and Tullahoma was the only place our children had ever lived. We knew what schools they would attend, we knew what church they would worship in, we could envision them growing up in this small town. But we also knew that this move to Huntsville, AL, was an amazing opportunity that he could not turn down. Big Kid was going to be changing schools for kindergarten regardless, and I can teach yoga anywhere. Hopefully, our friends would remain friends, even if we did not see them in our day-to-day lives. So in March, the house went on the market.

And it sat there for 6 months. In that time, we found a house in Huntsville, AL. When we put the offer on this house, it had brick and it had walls. From there, it was ours to design. Which was a lot of fun and very stressful. M. was learning his new job and we had two munchkins at home. Not a lot of time to leisurely pick out paint samples and hardwood stains. So I drove down one day and literally chose every finish in the house - from lighting to doorknobs! Carpet! Tile! Every paint color for every room. Hinges for the DOORS. I was convinced it was going to look ridiculous. It actually turned out pretty well (except the powder bath, which is another post for another time). Marc commuted for 3 months (yargh), Big Kid graduated from preschool, and we prepared to move. Have you ever tried to keep a house show ready with two small children? Let me tell you, it is not a boatload of fun. I think my family started to view me as that woman who was constantly picking things up, wiping things down, and barking out orders! I slowly gave up my classes at the gym as we prepared to move...

And suddenly July was here, the kids were shipped off to our mothers' houses, and the movers were at the door! And we left the first house that I have ever owned, the house in which we brought home both of the children...my HOME. It was hard. I was homesick for awhile. I still am from time to time. I wish that I could pack up all of my TN friends and ship them down here!

But we love it here. Big Kid really likes kindergarten, The Engineer is enjoying his work, Little Kid has school and tumbling class, and I have gone to work for Huntsville Hospital. I am fortunate to be working for my former boss in Tullahoma who moved down here a couple of years ago. Their gyms here are bright, shiny, and new, and the other instructors have been very welcoming. Our neighborhood is great - Big Kid has lots of friends to play with - and we are within walking distance of the school. This house has been a blessing, but still needs a lot of work and will probably be the subject of many a blog post.

So that is 2009 in a nutshell. Lots of change, lots of laughs and tears, not enough travel...sometimes M and I are just happy to survive the day with the house intact. I have many subjects that I want to touch on in this blog - yoga will be a big focus, and life with little ones, and of course, my passion for decorating. We will talk basset hounds, where to find a good deal, and definitely entertainment, since I am quite the pop culture junkie. The sky is the limit!


  1. How fun to go back & read your first post! We are so glad you decided to make the move down here :)

    1. We are too -- because of great neighbors like the B Family and Rocky the Super Dog. :D

  2. What a fun way to celebrate throwback Thursday.


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