Five Friday Faves on Sunday

Yeah, I know -- it's Sunday.

I usually put this up on Fridays but this past Friday was Big Kid's graduation from Space Camp and then for one reason or another, we have had a busy couple of days. Which hasn't really stopped, I am just sliding this in before taking Little Kid to a birthday party. Speaking of Space Camp, my first fave this week...

1. Space Camp

Big's grade at school went to Space Camp this week. He had been a couple of times before to the day camp but this time had the whole experience. What an amazing opportunity!  I love living in the Rocket City.

2. Dark Sky app

My neighbor recommended this epic weather app to me. As a weather junkie, I was all in (I now have three, possibly four different weather apps). What hooked me is that it will not only tell you when it will start raining, it will tell you when it stops. Nice.

3. Summer haircuts

Miss Girl informed me this week that she wanted to cut her hair short at yesterday's haircut. I knew that she would still want a ponytail so we compromised and she had 5 inches lopped off but kept it long enough to pull back. She loves it.

4. Moroccan Oil shampoo
After reading umpteen different positive reviews for this shampoo, I decided to try it out. I change my shampoo pretty constantly to eliminate build up in my very thin, fine hair. One use and I have been converted. It's not cheap, but worth every penny. I chose the repairing one due to my Cryptkeeper-like hair. Speaking of summer haircuts, the rest of us have dates with the stylists this week.

5. Captain America: Civil War

This was Little's first superhero movie and she is definitely a fan. Although a preview for the new XMen movie came on before the main feature and she was all #nope. Too scary.

Thanks for stopping by -- I hope you are having an awesome weekend.

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