Show and Tell Tuesday | My All-time Favorite Vacation

I could not pass up the opportunity to write about my favorite vacation for Show and Tell Tuesday. This trip happened six years before Team Skelley the Blog came into existence but it was so epic that  this remains my all-time favorite trip that we have taken in fifteen years.

When we were young, child-free and newly married in 2003 -- well, we had been married for a year and a half, so I consider that new -- we spent New Year's Eve in New York City. It was a dream come true.

So we weren't totally child-free, I was pregnant with Big Kid. Luckily I was in my second trimester and feeling pretty good. As long as I ate breakfast and took breaks I handled the walking and sight-seeing well. 

My favorite horror book is Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, which takes place in the American Museum of Natural History so I was psyched to visit the museum. I did stay on the lookout for any man-eating tropical monsters, though.

We stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel, which was gorgeously decorated for the holidays.

I fulfilled another lifelong dream when we saw The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center on New Year's Eve. It was truly amazing. My beloved grandmother, who was a big Nutcracker fan, had passed away two years before and was definitely on my thoughts that evening.

Being preggo, I did not get to roller skate but just watching everyone else at Rockefeller Center was a treat.

Let's talk about the store windows. You could make an afternoon just going from store to store looking at all of the incredible Christmas decorations and scenes. I believe this is from Macy's but The Engineer might correct me.

Union Square -- it was COLD. We walked through Central Park too but I don't seem to have any photos. I guess we will just have to go back. We did go to Times Square for the ball drop but with over a million people there, it was too crowded and we stayed on the periphery. This was the trip that we also saw Billy Joel's Broadway play, "Movin' Out." Longtime readers know that I am a Billy Joel super fan -- I think I sat through the whole show with a dopey grin on my face.

I have just scratched the surface of all there is to do and see. It took another trip in 2007 to do everything on our list. Coincidentally, I was pregnant for that trip too. We like to joke that we can't go to New York City unless I am pregnant. The kids have both expressed an interest to go and I told them that they have both already been. They were not amused.

On our second trip, we toured the United Nations, we did the NBC tour (highly recommend -- SNL is so much smaller in person) and we went back to Ground Zero, which we had visited on the first trip too. Being only two years removed from 9/11, the first visit was very emotional and I did not take any photos. It was still very sobering four years later. We also met JK Rowling during the 2007 trip so that was a highlight. OF MY LIFE.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit NYC, take it. There is truly no place like it.

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  2. Ummm you met JK Rowling?! SO jealous! Your trip sounds like so much fun!

    1. Yessssssss. It was thrilling. She is so lovely. There were lots of kids, but a good number of adults too. :D I cannot wait for the new book!


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